by Stones & Rocks

From stone block to slab

While our team works on the planning of the Cartier Mainson project down to the smallest detail, the marble block taken from the quarry is being transported to the plant for cutting and finishing. The cutting process is carried out by machines that run for several days .... The cutting process is performed by machines that work in 24-hour shifts for several days and must be closely monitored to ensure smooth operation. The block is cut using a so-called Multi Blade Gang Saw, which ensures perfect leveling, alignment and parallelism between them throughout the cutting process, producing large-format raw panels. After cutting, the rough slabs are polished with a mobile bridge polisher and a fixed table polisher and abrasives with decreasing grit size, bringing them to a high gloss. These processes give the marble slab the greatest possible shine, highlighting the various minerals of the natural stone.

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