by Stones & Rocks

Unique marble works

Nature does not work like a factory: each piece of natural stone is unique, even if it comes from the same quarry. That's why words like mass production are not in our dictionary.

Looking at the marble work for the Cartier Villa project, it's clear why care, excellence, and attention to detail are so important. Every part of the project is designed down to the smallest detail, inspected by our professionals, and then fabricated in the workshop.

The design is brought to life using a waterjet cutting machine. This type of technology allows absolutely accurate and precise cuts. The waterjet cutting process is followed by manual polishing by the stonemasons. These skilled craftsmen polish the individual pieces several times with different size of abrasives. The stonemasons provide the finishing touches and ensure that each piece is perfect.

Marble is our passion; we build for eternity, which is why we always pursue excellency.

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