We have been finding and installing natural stone for over 30 years

Only - why actually? 

Like all good stories from Italy, ours begins with an espresso.

Angelo Viscusi

Founder & General Representive

When I was a young salesman, I lived in a unremarkable - and frankly, rather boring - village near Naples. Every afternoon, I sipped an espresso at the coffee house in the marketplace. And every afternoon, the trucks from the quarry roared past, loaded with massive blocks of marble almost completely covered in dirt.

And yet, the elderly gentlemen in the café could accurately identify the types of stone. Whether it was Nocciolatino, Mezza Perla or Perlatino - even the finest differences were spotted by their skilled eyes. This fascinated me so much that I too wanted to dive into the world of natural stones.

As luck would have it, my uncle owned a quarry and was looking for a salesman. He knew that I spoke several languages and offered me the job. I accepted with gratitude. A few years and many sold stones later, on a vacation trip, I met a German businessman who was looking for natural stones for his villa.

That's how I landed my first construction project. That was the beginning of Stones & Rocks. I found the right stone for his villa: Nero Impala. To this day, I am enthusiastic about working with natural stones. And it's an enthusiasm shared by the entire Stones & Rocks team. But enough about me. Let's find the right stone for you.

We will leave no stone unturned
And you will love it!

The Team in Berlin
Our Experts and the reasons why they are working with natural stone

Angelo P. Viscusi

Business Executive

Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated by the diversity and power that stone can radiate. For this reason I joined the family business to continue the tradition of stonework in the Viscusi family.

Rick Baunacke

Partner Manager

The fascination of creating soft forms such as sculptures from strong natural stone, combined with the aspect of sustainability, moved me to work with natural stone.

Olga Sandlers


Natural stones are real works of art. Their variety is breathtaking. And a beautiful natural stone can bring more joy than a bouquet of flowers.

Alev Akcos

Technical Manager

As an architect, working with natural building materials has always fascinated me, because the result is always a pleasant surprise when it is perfectly planned and executed. Designing with a natural product means that the result will be unique thanks to the properties of the natural material. For me, natural stone is one of the strongest and at the same time most elegant natural materials, and I love its infinite beauty.

Lesia Vynnyk

Office Manager

I am happy to participate in processes that create long-lasting and appealing structures for eternity.

Daniele Musilli

Construction Team Leader

I have always loved to travel around the world and with this profession I have been able to combine my passion of traveling with that of construction. With Stones & Rocks I have already been all over the world, in China as a quality inspector of the production, in Russia on the construction site and in Bahrain in the desert.

Kajup Casa


My father always said to me when I was little, I have such a thick head, it's as hard as stone, so I thought to myself: then I'll make my stone head my profession!

Claudio Armini

Natural Stone Expert: Facade

Working with natural stone, especially in the building industry, means for me to combine ancient history and art, because we take material that was created thousands of years ago and create from it a completely new structure.

Edvin Asslani

Natural Stone Expert: Interior

Why I work with natural stone? Because it is fun for me!