Are you planning to build with natural stone? Then good advice is half the battle. For 30 years, we have been advising national and international customers on construction with natural stone - for exterior and interior, small and large, commercial and residential projects. With us, you benefit from our worldwide network of quarries and a particularly diverse selection of stones.

Building with natural stone:
Your consultation

Sampling service

Finding the right stone
Our sampling service is easy to explain: Let's say you want white granite for your building. We analyze the project and recommend Bethel White, Bianco Montorfano and Silver Cloud, for example. All you have to do is to choose.

Try before you order
Once you have decided, we will prepare a sample with the appropriate format and desired surface treatment. It is very important that you see and experience this chosen stone yourself, because photos often distort the natural color play of the stones.

One more thing you should know
The color and pattern of the stones are subject to natural variations - even within a quarry. To ensure that you have clarity about this in advance, we show and discuss the various patterns in advance.

Slab formats

Finding the right format
Developers or architects often envision a certain look - and from this idea they determine the sizes of the stone slabs. There is often hidden potential for improvement because the desired formats sometimes disregard the structural stability and cost of a project.

An example: the bathroom
A customer wants natural stone slabs for a bathroom in 120 x 60 cm. The problem: the bathroom is quite small, which is why most of the slabs must be cut on site anyway. The solution: we recommend 80 x 60 cm slabs instead, achieving the same look and saving the customer around 20% in costs.