The architects of antiquity already knew how much a truly beautiful floor can add to a room. We proudly manufacture elaborate mosaic floors to this day, using many thousands of pieces of marble. Alternatively, we also offer less complex terrazzo floors, such as those often found in galleries and museums.

Mosaic & Terrazzo:
Your advantages

Mosaic is artistic & versatile

Mosaic allows you to implement many ideas and designs, because each stone is meticulously set individually.

Terrazzo for larger surfaces

Terrazzo is easier to produce. This lowers costs - and makes terrazzo attractive for large areas.

Uniqueness looks

Both terrazzo and mosaic floors are design floors. They give every room an individual look.

Full-Service Mosaic & Terrazzo:
From consulting to implementation


Finding the right pattern

First, we discuss the design for your mosaic or terrazzo floor. Based on your visual and functional desires, the next step is to find natural stones that fit your aesthetic vision and budget.


3D renderings instead of surprises

3D rendering allows you to see in advance what the mosaic or terrazzo might look like. On the computer, we can simulate changes in seconds and incorporate your feedback. This provides more certainty in planning and prevents surprises.

Shop Drawings

Mosaic is prepared in the factory

Already in the factory the mosaic pieces are fixed on panels. Each panel is numbered so that it can be easily assembled later on. With terrazzo, it's easier: we prepare it on site with water, then spread it on the floor like concrete and polish smooth.


Inspection and dry laying

Our quality assurance department carefully inspects the goods before delivery. We also dry lay the mosaic floor at the factory and document the result for you. This way you can give us a final feedback before we send the material on its way to you.


Only in-house specialists install the natural stone floors

Our specialists have all learned their trade in Carrara, Italy - in the heart of the natural stone world. Only they are allowed to install mosaic and terrazzo for us, because the quality of our craftsmanship is as important to us as the quality of the material.

Projects completed by Stones & Rocks

Villa Toscana | Germany
Exterior, Facade

Les Deux | Berlin
Interiors, Facade

Egyptian Embassy | Berlin
Interiors, Facade

Four Seasons Hotel | Bahrain

Granatny Residence | Moscow

Hotel Adlon | Berlin

Office building | Berlin

Karstadt Carrée | Düsseldorf

Israeli Embassy | Berlin
Interiors, Facade

ALEXA | Berlin
Mosaic / Terrazzo

Office building | Berlin

South African Embassy | Berlin

CUBIX Cinema | Berlin